How to Develop the Self-Confidence You Need to Succeed in as
Few as 31 Short Days!

 Discover How to Replace Your Fears, Doubts and Timidity with a Powerful Self-Confidence That Will Allow You to Achieve Your Dreams and Goals!
 Powerful eBook Reveals the Tips, Tricks and Techniques You Need to Know to Develop Self-Confidence in Both Speech and Manner!

Dear friend,

Have you ever thought, “If I just had more self-confidence, if I was just more sure of myself and my abilities, I know I could be successful?”

Have less talented co-workers been promoted ahead of you or been viewed more favorably than you at work because their confidence allows them to do and say things that you can’t or won’t?

If so, then this is the most important letter you will ever read – and here’s why:

Introducing the “How to Develop Self-Confidence
In Speech and Manner” eBook …

That’s right, there is now an ebook available that will provide you with all the tips, tricks and techniques you need to develop self-confidence and succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace.

In fact, this ebook lays out a simple, proven, step-by-step plan that will allow you to achieve the self-confidence you have always dreamed of having – in as few as 31 short days!

This ebook contains truckloads of expert tips and confidence-building secrets. You’ll learn:

  • How to conduct a thorough self-examination and correct any “negatives” that you may have – for instance, you’ll find out how to rid yourself of negative thoughts, how to check undesirable tendencies, how to eradicate faults, and how to correct bad habits, among other things!
  • How to eliminate timidity from you life once and for all – you’ll learn how to face your fears and conquer them!
  • What a leading cause of “fearthoughts” is and how to overcome it – you will be amazed at what you read here!
  • How to build one of the most overlooked, yet important, aspects of maintaining good self-confidence … the will – follow these few simple suggestions that most people ignore and watch your self-confidence grow by leaps and bounds
  • How to fight procrastination – discovering how to do things promptly, clearly and systematically, will insure peace of mind, pleasure in one's work and greater self-confidence!
  • How to develop the mental certainty you need to speak effectively – daily speech offers a great opportunity to eliminate self-consciousness, here you will learn how to develop definiteness of idea, sincerity of expression and the concentration of mind to speak eloquently and effectively.
  • Tips for better public speaking – follow these proven techniques and you will soon be a much better speaker than you ever imagined possible!
  • The power of right thinking – this section alone is worth the price of this ebook!
  • An excellent way to develop right thinking that you can easily do during your leisure time – you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of this yourself!
  • The importance of physical exercise to the development of self-confidence – but not just any exercise will do, start doing the exercises listed here for just two minutes a day and watch your self-confidence grow!
  • How to avoid “the worry habit” – worrying can have tremendous negative effects on both your health and your self-confidence, discover the secrets to beating this dangerous foe here!
  • How to overcome nervousness – in today’s fast-paced world you need to be able to slow things down and remain calm, find out how to do so here!
  • Why a man should not work at his maximum – keeping “something in reserve” can have tremendous benefits, find out what they are as well as how to “work properly”!
  • And much, much more!

If You Have Ever Dreamed of Being Self-Confident
and Successful, Then This is the eBook for You!

In the “How to Develop Self-Confidence in Speech and Manner” ebook, you receive a complete 31-day plan to build the self-confidence you need to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Each day, you will have a short but profound paragraph to read and consider, a simple exercise to complete and a memory verse to memorize. That’s it, follow this plan and with just minutes of effort a day, you will develop a strong magnetic, self-confident personality in no time at all.

Plus, you will also learn to be a better person and the importance of all that comes with that, such as:

  • Having integrity of thought, word, and deed
  • Having profound enthusiasm for your work
  • Doing justice to all alike
  • Using tact and avoiding giving offense
  • And much, much more!

If you are lacking confidence or need to gain better self-esteem then relax. You have found the most reliable, practical and effective self-help ebook for developing confidence and raising self-esteem.

By reading this ebook, you will learn:

  • How to be worthy of the respect of others
  • How to commend yourself to others through personal appearance, thought, and conversation
  • How to develop judgment and far-sightedness
  • How to be industrious
  • How to seek the counsel of other men
  • How to be guided by your intuition and conscience
  • How to make each day count toward your certain progress
  • How to find yourself by discovering and developing all that is good and best in you

And for any man who understands all of the above, any reasonable achievement is pos

Isn’t It Time That You Faced Your Fears (Such as Public
Speaking) and Became the Self-Confident Person
You Have Always Wanted to Be?

According to a popular survey, the vast majority of people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of death!

Maybe you are one of those people. If so, there is finally an ebook available that will help you not just conquer but totally annihilate your fear!

Many of the world’s greatest orators and actors were once shy and timid and self-conscious. Men such as: Demosthenes, Cicero, Curran, Chalmers, Erskine, Pitt,  Gladstone, Disraeli, Mirabeau, Patrick Henry, Clay, Gough, Beecher, Salvini, Henry Irving, Richard Mansfield, and many others were subject to "stage-fright."

But this sensitiveness of nature, when at last controlled and intelligently directed, enabled them to reach a foremost place among distinguished men.

It is said of Rufus Choate, the great lawyer, that before an important address to a jury he looked as nervous and wretched as a criminal about to be hanged.

Probably every public speaker who has amounted to anything could testify to this initial feeling of nervousness or anxiety, but finally the answers to overcoming this fear and speaking better than you ever thought possible are contained in one convenient, inexpensive ebook.

Here is some more of what you will learn in this amazing ebook:

  • How to stop being envious of others’ success and instead use that energy to advance your own career – there are literally thousands of men who regularly complain that no one helps them, and who frown upon the success of others as due wholly to good luck or the influence of friends, that time spent bemoaning your lot, if applied to honest endeavor, would yield splendid results and help you achieve your proper place in the world!
  • How to tell the difference between real pride and false pride – and how to use real pride to spur your ambition to untold heights!
  • How to create your own luck and make the most of your power and opportunities – these tips will have you on the fast track to success in no time!
  • How to avoid the hat-in-hand attitude, the habit of seeking favors, and especially that of wishing something for nothing – Independence is a quality of greatness!
  • How to eliminate bad thoughts that lead to discouragement – find out how to develop the “right thinking” that will send your self-respect and self-confidence skyrocketing!
  • How to dress and act for success – your outside appearance can have a dramatic effect on how others view you as well as on how you view yourself!
  • Why you should never feel discouraged because of age – the list of accomplishments made by those over 50 is amazing, find out more here!
  • How to develop your imagination – to achieve a great dream you must first have a dream!
  • How to develop a positive disposition – negative thoughts will kill your dreams and your self-confidence!
  • How to develop a full-toned, melodious speaking voice – anyone can do it, find out how here!
  • How to develop confidence in business – follow these simple tips and watch your career and self-confidence soar!
  • How to develop confidence in society – discover how to acquire the ease, grace, and self-confidence that will allow you to thrive in any social situation!
  • How to become a confident public speaker – these tips work for even the absolute worst speakers, you will be amazed at your newfound ability!
  • And much, much more!

So How Much is Developing the Self-Confidence
To Achieve Your Goals Worth to You?

How much would you expect to pay for advice and information that quite literally could change your life and allow you to achieve your dreams? Certainly, hundreds of dollars would not be unreasonable … but relax you won’t have to pay near that much for the “How to Develop Self-Confidence in Speech and Manner” ebook.

In fact, right now, for a limited time, you can take advantage of my special promotional offer and receive the “How to Develop Self-Confidence in Speech and Manner” ebook for just $27 – 

This is a tremendous value – and an unbelievable opportunity to develop the self-confidence you need to succeed today!

You will learn:

  • The steps to building self-confidence – so you can achieve a greater state of self-confidence quickly and conveniently!
  • How to strengthen your will power – the value of a strong will simply cannot be overestimated!
  • The cure for self-consciousness – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get over your fears and truly begin living!
  • The power of “right thinking” – while negative thoughts have the power to destroy, positive thoughts can provide you with the fuel you need to achieve your dreams!
  • Where to draw inspiration from as you strive to build self-confidence – everyone needs to be inspired sometimes, find out where to get a quick pick me up when you are feeling down!
  • How to improve your concentration – so you can stay focused on improving your self-confidence and achieving your dreams!
  • How to become physically fit – fitness plays an important role in building self-confidence!
  • How to examine yourself realistically – discovering the real you and gaining an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses is essential to developing self-confidence
  • How to rid yourself of negative thoughts and habits – by focusing on the positive your self-confidence will soar!
  • How to act and dress like a self-confident person – appearance can have a dramatic effect on how you are viewed as well as how you view yourself!
  • How to develop your imagination – as well as how to take the initiative to ensure your ideas are heard
  • How to have confidence in everything you do – including in business, society and public speaking!

Plus, you will also receive:

  • A proven 31-day plan for building self-confidence – this plan is easy-to-follow and best of all it really works – it has a long track record of success.
  • Numerous memory passages that build confidence – the last chapter in this ebook contains numerous memory passages that you can gain inspiration from, such as:

“A great deal of talent is lost in the world for the want of a little courage. Every day sends to their graves a number of obscure men who have only remained in obscurity because their timidity has prevented them from making a first effort; and who, if they could have been induced to begin, would in all probability have gone great lengths in the career of fame. The fact is, that to do anything in this world worth doing, we must not stand back shivering and thinking of the cold and danger, but jump in and scramble through as well as we can. It will not do to be perpetually calculating risks and adjusting nice chances; it did very well before the flood, when a man could consult his friends upon an intended publication for a hundred and fifty years, and then live to see his success afterward; but at present a man waits, and doubts, and consults his brother and his particular friends, till one fine day he finds that he is sixty years of age; that he has lost so much in consulting his first cousins and particular friends that he has no more time to follow their advice.” – Sydney Smith.

So What Are You Waiting For?

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This is an Opportunity to Start Living Your Dream Life

Considering the tremendous impact this ebook has had on my own life, it is easy for me to say that purchasing the “How to Develop Self-Confidence in Speech and Manner”  is, hands down, one of the best decisions you will ever make. This ebook will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to develop the self-confidence to achieve your dreams. 


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CR James


P.S. Real "Deep-Level" Confidence is the difference between a great achiever and a non-acheiver!


P.P.S Also remember, that you are making this purchase at absolutely no risk. So grab this special price while you can! If “How to Develop Self-Confidence in Speech and Manner” isn’t everything you were expecting, simply notify me within 90 days and I will refund your money immediately.

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It gives you all the very best advice and information on developing self-confidence in one easy-to-use resource. Why spend hours and hours tracking down information that may or may not be reliable when you can learn everything you need to know about developing self-confidence in both speech and manner – and I do mean everything – in one convenient, inexpensive ebook?

P.P.P.P.S Still questioning whether this ebook is right for you? Then let me quickly quote from “How to Develop Self-Confidence in Speech and Manner”:

“Timidity is quickly recognized by the world, and not only argues an ignoble mind, as Virgil says, but actually invites pursuit and imposition. John Foster observes in his splendid essay ‘On Decision of Character’: ‘Weakness, in every form, tempts arrogance; and a man may be allowed to wish for a kind of character with which stupidity and impertinence may not make so free. When a firm, decisive spirit is recognized, it is curious to see how the space clears around a man, and leaves him room and freedom. The disposition to interrogate, dictate, or banter, preserves a respectful and polite distance, judging it not unwise to keep the peace with a person of so much energy.’


It is surprising how confidence begets confidence. Courage in danger is sometimes half the battle, while self-reliance will often safeguard a man's interests and give him an abiding sense of security. It makes him feel equal to almost any undertaking, however difficult, leading him to think with Dryden that "They can conquer who believe they can."


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